New Proseal sealing machine

11, March, 2020

Proseal provides sealing solutions for trays in different materials, including cardboard and plastic.
With automatic film feeding and a high precision tool alignment system, the GTR semi-automatic rotary table tray sealer Proseal's fully portable two-station is ideal for small businesses and for new product development. A significant benefit of the tray sealer over traditional manual machines where the operator has to wait for each tray to be sealed is that the rotary operation of the GTR means that new trays can be loaded while old ones are being sealed. This offers higher sealing speeds of up to 30 packages per minute.
The GTR incorporates an easy-to-use menu driven control panel with step-by-step prompts, error and status displays, and a batch packet counter. Quick-release tools allow users to change from one tray size to another in less than two minutes.


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