New automatic die-cutter for compact cardboard and microchannel from Alzamora Packaging

February 17th 2016

die cutter

Alzamora Packaging you already have the new automatic machine installed for cardboard die cut compact and microchannel.

This important investment in the purchase of a cutting-edge, large-format die-cutter from the Bobst brand reinforces Alzamora's objective, consisting of offering its customers a maximum degree of technical demand, excellent productivity and the latest in innovative finishes.


The Expertcut 145 die cutter is a large format machine with a “poses” separator (blanking) that allows to extract the packs completely separated, this greatly facilitates their subsequent manipulation in the production process and reduces the times for removing excess cardboard pieces. .

Another very important advantage that until now was not available is the Power Register II system, which allows a dynamic registration of the printed sheets, perfect and without errors, between printing and die-cutting, through a system of cameras through the frontal registration. and side of the blade. The non-contact with the margins of the sheets considerably reduces the downtime of the machine and perfectly registers the diecut.

This improvement is also noticeable in production levels. It should also be noted that with the installation of the new die-cutter there is an increase in the average speed of the die-cut sheets per hour and a reduction in the time in the fixes thanks to the agility in the assembly of the die-cutting tools.

Finally, the non-stop system in the feeder of the machine means that it never has to stop, which also increases productivity.

die cutter

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