New lines DuPont™ Liveo™ Healthcare Solutions

18, January, 2022


The new products of DuPont include:

Liveo™ Pharma TPE Tubing (Liveo™ Pharma TPE Tubing ): a range of extruded thermoplastic elastomer (TPE) pharmaceutical tubing dedicated to fluid transport and single-use bioprocessing applications, produced under principles of high quality and purity similar to those of pharmaceutical tubing from Liveo™ silicone.

Caps for Liveo™ Pharma Bottles (Liveo™ Pharma Bottle Closures) – Caps specifically designed to seal threaded glass and plastic bottles and containers used for critical fluid transfer, media pooling and storage, and sample collection in biopharmaceutical and biotech processes.

Liveo™ Topical Film Formers (Liveo™ Topical Film-Formers): Topical excipients that are added to liquid or semi-solid compound formulations to produce a thin, transparent, flexible, substantive film when applied to the skin surface. In medicated products, the excipient also acts as a matrix to stabilize and efficiently release the drug to and through the skin. Film formers are durable, removable, breathable, comfortable, and compatible with APIs and skin penetration enhancers.

“As healthcare demands grow and change, we are investing in innovative products that will allow our customers the flexibility they need to design and manufacture next-generation healthcare solutions,” he said. michele vigliotti, Marketing Manager for DuPont Healthcare EMEA. For the past more than 70 years, DuPont has developed a leadership position within the industry by developing solutions for the highly regulated biopharmaceutical and pharmaceutical markets.


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