New muffins «Vicky's recipe» from Dulcesol

November 29th 2021

Dulcesol cupcakes

Dulcesol, the bakery, pastry and bread brand of the international food and distribution group Vicky Foods, launches its traditional-style muffins «Vicky's recipe». Prepared with a recipe by Victoria Fernández herself, these references represent the last project she started and in which she was involved in even the smallest detail: from the selection of the ingredients to the packaging design.

For this reason, the company wanted to honor her by making the "Vicky's recipe" muffins come true, which will be marketed indefinitely and will be available at Dulcesol's usual points of sale. 

Victoria Fernandez, co-founder of the international holding company Vicky Foods, passed away last April at the age of 86. A woman of reference in the business world, she led the company for more than five decades until in 2007 she passed the baton on to the second generation of the family, although she was always very active with all aspects related to the management of the company.

In 2019, the Dulcesol Group becomes the Vicky Foods holding to make the leap to the international market. With this name her family wanted to pay tribute to this woman ahead of her time who with courage, perseverance and vision of the future promoted Vicky Foods to be one of the leading food companies in the country.

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