New packaging design for Nivea

January 29, 2013

The iconic Nivea can, round and blue, has served as the basis for the design of the new packaging for the entire Nivea family of products. From the beginning of this year, all body care product lines will gradually convert to the new design.

The Nivea can is represented in the logo, in the rounded contours of the new packaging and in the white and blue colors of the new design. The round, slightly sloped top cap with engraved logo resembles the iconic blue can and provides the consumer with a “familiar face” at the point of sale. 

The new design has been developed in close collaboration with Yves Béhar, designer and founder of the prestigious design agency Fuseproject in San Francisco. In the future, advertising as well as all other points of contact with the consumer (promotional materials, web, etc.) will also incorporate the elements of the new design.

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