New packaging for Coca-Cola Flavors

January 26, 2022


All the cans vibrant colors of Coca‑Cola® Cherry, Coke‑Cola® Vanilla, Coke‑Cola® Cherry Vanilla and its sugar-free versions have a new packaging in which the bold logo is placed to clearly distinguish between total sugar (white lettering) and zero sugar/no calories (black lettering).

All the cans Single color will designate individual flavors and two color will be for dual flavors. No changes have been made to the formulas of Coca-Cola Flavors.

The brand presented the first phase of this packaging change in 2021 for Coke‑Cola® Original Taste and Coke-Cola® Zero Sugar.

In addition, Coca-Cola presents Coffee® Mocha, which joins the already available Dark Blend, Vanilla, Caramel and Vanilla Zero Sugar. All flavors of Coca-Cola with coffee come in individual 12 oz cans.

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