New Pixartprinting project

15, February, 2016

Venetian Floors is the new project promoted by pixartprinting to disseminate exclusive high-level content. It is a process of acculturation linked to art, design and graphic arts, which the European leader of Upload & Print has developed so that users can enjoy the proposed themes for free.

The first date invites us to discover Venice from an unusual perspective: looking down. The protagonists are the lavish Venetian floors: the images of the photographer Sebastian Erras immortalize a unique collection of techniques, colors and materials such as stones, marble and glass.

La specific web pageWith the captivating graphic style of Pixartprinting, it allows you to admire Venice with new eyes through quotes, encounters, stories, curious aspects and, of course, photographs. You can also download an interactive map of the route so that we can relive and, why not, make our own "walk" between palaces, museums, schools, shops, theaters, streets, cafes and other places in search of those suggestive floors. .

This project begins in Venice, the hometown of pixartprinting, although it will be international in nature, as it will be expanded to countries where the company has been present for a long time. The next appointment will be with "Barcelona Floors".


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