New needle-free medical vial cap from Klim-Loc Medical Inc

April 23th 2024

Klim-Loc Medical Inc

Klim-Loc Medical Inc. has created a simpler and safer method for extracting medications (liquid or lyophilized) and vaccines from a vial. Its bonded antimicrobial polycarbonate and elastomer needleless medical vial caps help protect healthcare personnel from accidental needle stick injuries.

This new technology improves equipment efficiency, minimizes waste, is more sustainable, and ultimately reduces healthcare costs.

Klim-Loc Medical Inc.'s needleless medical vial cap has replaced the needle and rubber stopper with an ISO compliant threaded luer cap and will soon be approved by the FDA, as well as having been recognized worldwide (Award PharmaPack 2024 for its eco-design).

Its needleless medical vial design also includes a needle access port that is made to be used in the event that a threaded luer syringe is not available.

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