New AIMPLAS online courses

January 28, 2015

AIMPLAS, Instituto Tecnológico del Plástico, has programmed a complete catalog of online courses that will be taught from February 24 to May 22 and will be rewarded through the Tripartite Foundation. They are courses of 80 hours each through the AIMPLAS training website Each training action is modular and includes interactive multimedia content.

Knowing the critical points of plastic, its potential and the additive processes to achieve materials with advanced properties are some of the objectives with the course Plastic Materials: Fundamentals, Applications and Trends by Olivia Menes, researcher in the Materials department of AIMPLAS.
Within the family of plastics and composites, there is a growing interest in those from renewable and / or biodegradable raw materials. They are bioplastics and biocomposites. Knowing the different types of existing biomaterials, their transformation processes and applications, the existing legislation on them as well as their valorization, are the contents of the online course Biomaterials: Bioplastics and Biocomposites that Leandro Casabán, researcher in the Department of Sustainability and Industrial Valorization, will teach. by AIMPLAS.
Under the title Composites: RTM, RTM light and infusion, an online course will also be given whose objective is to publicize the advantages and the different types of resin transfer processes compared to other transformation processes of composite materials. The course will be taught by Nora Lardiés, researcher in the Composites department of AIMPLAS.
To address the different transformation processes of plastic materials, AIMPLAS has scheduled two courses: Injection of Plastic Materials. Processing, control parameters, defects and solutions, and Extrusion of Plastic Materials: Equipment, Processing and Control Parameters. These courses will be taught by Carolina Losada Fernández, researcher at the AIMPLAS Design and Injection department, and by María Pilar Diego Bielsa, researcher at the AIMPLAS Extrusion department.
Finally, the online course Carbon Footprint in the Plastics sector and its Reduction Strategies will be taught by Enrique Moliner Santisteve, researcher at the Department of Sustainability and Industrial Valorization of AIMPLAS.
Finally, within its programming of distance training actions, AIMPLAS has also prepared a total of seven webinars or online seminars, which will take place from February 26 to June 9 and which will address specific topics related to materials such as PVC or bioplastics, on processing techniques such as extrusion, on food packaging, its recycling and odor problems, as well as on REACH regulations. They will last 1,5 hours and can be followed live but from any location with an Internet connection.

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