New packaging will allow films, photographs and recordings to be preserved for longer

May 14th 2018

Since last February 1 AIMPLAS coordinates the Nemosine project that will help the conservation of sociocultural memories of the European Cultural Heritage. This project begins in a very significant year, since 2018 is the European Year of Cultural Heritage, during which it is intended to increase the commitment of European citizens with their culture, and reinforce the feeling of belonging to the same space under the slogan Our heritage: where the past and the present come together.

Nemosine will improve traditional storage solutions, such as cold storage (below 5ºC), by developing an innovative packaging that aims to save energy and extend the storage period. Within the framework of this project, AIMPLAS will develop nanofibers, antifungal composites, and incorporate MOFs into laboratory-scale foams, and will also support industrial partners in the development of pilot-plant-scale packaging.

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