New cosmetic tubes with a special brush applicator

July 31, 2014

The new range of brush tubes from cosmetics and perfumery packaging provider Quadpack offers a sophisticated solution for the application of cosmetics and lotions. By squeezing the tube, the brush applies the formula to the skin in soft strokes that provide a feeling of well-being.

Thanks to a high-end applicator and a valve with an opening and closing system, the application is smooth, delicate and precise, in addition to avoiding drips. The multiple brush tube options make it suitable for a wide range of applications, from OTC products to makeup.
The tube is manufactured in PE monolayer, PE / EVOH multilayer or aluminum coating, which creates a perfect protective barrier for the formula. With a range of formats ranging from 5 to 70 ml and a diameter to carry in the bag of 16 and 19 mm, it is perfect for precise applications such as eye and lip contours or nail treatment, up to 30 mm, for fixatives, makeup bases or any type of lotion.
This brush is made of synthetic bristles (which can be brown, white or black), easy to clean and with a soft touch with each pass on the skin. The special sealing valve prevents any dripping, thus being totally safe to transport. A mechanism turns the lid into a switch, the valve of which opens and closes automatically when the lid is turned.
The brush tube allows easy filling that does not require any special devices.

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