Paccor to manufacture Bio-PP products for Orkla

29, September, 2021

Paccor and Orkla

Paccor will manufacture products 100% of bio-based polypropylene (Bio-PP) for your client Orkla, a leading supplier of consumer goods in the Nordic countries.

Paccor started testing with 100% Bio-PP together with Orkla at its Finnish production plant in Hämeenlinna. The material is composed of renewable resources and follows the principle of mass balance certified by ISCC, a chemical industry standard for managing and tracking the sustainability characteristics of circular and / or bio-based materials in a complex value chain. In addition to the factory in Finland, Paccor's production facility in Ravensburg, Germany, is also ISCC certified.

Paccor is one of the first manufacturers of rigid plastic in producing bio-PP products. In this case it is a totally recyclable transparent bowl for frozen ready meals. After successful pilot programs, Paccor now looks forward to offering its new biocomposite to commercial partners around the world.


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