PACGRAF Cuba will host the Latampack Awards for Latin American packaging

10, October, 2016

International verdicts and the living room PACGRAF Cuba have signed a collaboration agreement to promote and disseminate the quality of the containers, packaging and elements of Advertising at the Place of Sale (POS), designed and manufactured in Central and South America through the call for the new International Packaging Awards of Latin America, Latampack.

The Latampack Awards seek to recognize internationally the excellence of the packaging industry in Latin America and contribute to greater knowledge and visibility of the most innovative companies, in order to promote commercial and business exchange with other countries both in the American continent and in Europe .

The Latampack were created by Verdictas Internacional, a company that for more than two decades has been calling and managing different awards in more than 25 countries in America and Europe. For its part, Fira de Barcelona International and the Palco Business Group are the organizers of PACGRAF CUBA, the professional packaging, packaging and graphic arts fair whose first edition will take place from February 7 to 9, 2017 at the PABEXPO fairground in Havana. Under the agreement, the show will host a sample of the award-winning works at the Latampack.

In its first edition, the Latampack Awards add up to 19 categories in the packaging and POS sections. Containers, packaging, labels, dosing systems, processes and displays can be present at the point of sale for products aimed at the final consumer or used in industrial sectors, distribution, retail, transport or logistics operations, in addition to projects carried out by students. In its decision, the jury will assess design and ergonomics, content protection and preservation, originality, communication skills, material consumption or environmental sustainability. The deadline to participate will end on December 31, 2016. The works in the competition must have been designed and manufactured totally or partially in Latin America in 2015 and 2016. The inscription of works must be done online. 


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