Cartondruck packaging for the L'Age d'Or line

November 14th 2012


For L'âge d'Or by Isabelle Lancray Paris (Dr. Rimpler GmbH), a package was required that was the epitome of luxury. Cartondruck's answer was the proprietary CD Combibox box. The reinforced frames offer optimal protection and combine a solid and elegant carton with a soft and extravagant touch finish. “Using a special cold varnish we have created an effect on the container that gives an unusually fantastic shine to the container,” says Sales Director Steffen Hohenberger. Thanks to the varnish, a relationship has been created towards the product, which under the light appears to be sparkling diamond dust. The frost effect was omitted from the logo but varnished with a gloss touch to provide a prominent stamp result. The flask and elixir of the series were inserted diagonally so that the product had a more optical effect in the thermoforming insert.

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