Packaging Talks 2024 by Packaging Cluster

June 7th, 2024

Packaging Cluster

Organized by Packaging Cluster, today was celebrated Packaging Talks, a series of presentations on innovation and key trends for the future of packaging, in the Port Aventura event space (Tarragona). More than 100 attendees and members followed the entire day's program.

Martina Font Olivé, president of Packaging Cluster, began the event with a short presentation of everything that was discussed the previous day at the Packaging Cluster assembly. Martina Font explained that this event seeks to promote the strategic relationship and business cooperation between members and non-members. In addition, it aims to offer a vision of the trends in the world of packaging to grow towards that focus. 

César Valencoso, Consumer Insights Consulting Director of Kantar Worldpanel, was the first speaker. Broadly speaking, he sought the participation of the attendees with the question: should we innovate? Of course, the attendees nodded, but the idea he was going for is; “at what price.” Innovation is good and of course we must innovate, but innovating sometimes is not inventing something, but rather becoming more efficient and that will improve costs, improve deadlines and therefore allow us to take on new projects that will generate innovation, “the new”.

There is a study that says that 8 out of 10 processes or products launched will fail; Better efficiency must be sought and a system of “in vitro innovation” proposed, where it is not about launching many products to see which one works, but rather seeking to launch fewer but more thought out, more supported and studied products to meet the needs of the consumer. or the sector.

There is a very high success rate whenever the degree of novelty is higher, but, therefore, 2% of all launches are genuine and 80% are renewals. These renovations have a 10-15% success rate.

In the communicative part of everything genuine, the point of sale is the communicative point until the start of the advertising campaigns. That is why, in order to present the product well, packaging is essential to attract attention in that microsecond that the consumer passes by.

The event continued with the round table on “How to deal with the new legislation and the waste that is generated” with Pere Coll (moderator and R&D&I director of Enplater), Jordi Ferrer (GCR Group), Esther Colino (Reclay and Procircular) and Pablo Mariñas (Ecophir).

Jordi Ferrer commented that recycling from 2015 to now has changed a lot, the evolution has been significant thanks to regulations. This new legislation poses a challenge to companies and manufacturers to seek the global objective and therefore, internally, each company must contribute the grain that makes the mission global.

Esther Colino commented that the old legislation always talked about recycling, which is the end of the chain. The new legislation places emphasis on design, recyclability and traceability, seeking to ensure that the manufacturer is the one to ensure that the product is recyclable and how it should be done.

Pablo Mariñas emphasized reuse, which will require an effort between industry and consumer.

In the question period, Daniel Sánchez from Rafesa emphasized that the new legislation focuses responsibility on the producer, but not on the consumer, therefore, he asked if the new legislation has an advertising item to encourage consumers to recycle. Esther Colino answered no and the clusters, scraps and organizations will be responsible for the dissemination and activation of these consumers in the recycling process.

Sector barometer

Adrià Llacuna, Project Director of Market AAD, has been responsible for presenting the results of the Barometer of the packaging sector in Catalonia. 78,5% of supplier companies plan to continue growing at the same rate as in previous years and expect to improve their turnover compared to 2023; only 9,9% expect to obtain lower results.

Regarding the evaluation of the offer, seven out of ten client companies in the packaging sector are very satisfied with the products and services contracted. 85% express that they do not find difficulty when locating products or equipment.

Regarding the search for talent, it is concluded that more than 40% of supplier companies increased their workforce in 2023 and a similar proportion plans to increase it the same in 2024. 87% of companies indicate that they experience difficulties in incorporating, recruiting and talent retention.

The study indicates that sustainability (34,1%) and costs/prices (22,2%) are the two main concepts that concern companies and that generate more wear and tear in the improvement and innovation effort.

El Packaging Cluster and market research company marketAAD In January they presented a study which analyzes the current situation of the Catalan packaging sector, taking into account variables such as turnover, debt, number of employees and economic profitability.

More speakers

Continuous José F. López Aguilar, designer, talking about the circularity of plastics. 34,4% of plastic waste comes from the packaging sector. According to the study carried out on plastic packaging between e2017-2020, only 15% of plastic is recycled. This figure is far from the 40% that the government says is recycled.

To conclude, a round table on company management from the BCorp vision was held, with the presence of Laura Peregrín Emparanza (Packaging Sustainability & Innovation Consultant B-corp multiplier and moderator),

Sophie Pagnon (Chief Communication Marketing Impact Officer at Veritas), Alicia Alegret Martí (B Corp Corporate Officer at Delafruit) and Palina Lokazyuk (Sustainability Specialist at Incapto).

A training day where the packaging sector demonstrated its union to together solve the problems that the new world daily life poses.

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