Packintube, the Industrial Sagarra brand specialized in the manufacture of cylindrical cardboard containers

August 11st, 2012

A new range of packaging with sensorial and intelligent applications to capture the attention of the consumer, playing with textures, smells and RFID tags among its innovations. With its SENSO, SMART, LIQUID, PROTECT and ECO lines, Packintube offers new options to the customer. SENSO is the range of sensory containers, screen-printed with textures that emulate jeans, lipsticks, wood, bread, chocolate ... Fragrances can be incorporated into their containers and achieve all kinds of smells. With the Packintube SMART smart line, we seek to interact with the consumer at the point of sale. SMART has an RFID tag (radio frequency identification technology) incorporated into the body of the container. These tags or labels have a microchip incorporated with a code that is associated with a product or a person. Through them it is possible to monitor the location of the product as well as obtain temperature, vibration and safety data.

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