Packnet organizes a conference on digitalization and industry 4.0 in packaging

June 21th, 2024


Within the framework of your activity plan, the day 25 June at 10:00 a.m. Packnet, the Spanish Packaging and Packaging Technology Platform, organizes an in-person conference around the “Strategies for competitiveness in the digital era: Exploring the opportunities of Industry 4.0 in packaging”. The objective of the conference is to provide attendees with a comprehensive vision of how digitalization can boost innovation and competitiveness in the packaging sector, and promote a space where they can learn about the latest developments and updates that are taking place. , all from the hand of professionals in the packaging sector.

The session will begin by Eva Rodriguez (Researcher in the Advanced Manufacturing Technologies unit at TEKNIKER) who, under the title “Impulse of Industry 4.0 in the the packaging. Traceability through high-speed unitary coding”, will be responsible for starting the path towards detailed knowledge of traceability and the advantages of coding.

The following presentation will be given by Pablo Martínez (Commercial Director at KEYLAND SdG) around “Technology and robotics for Industry 4.0 and applications in the packaging sector”, who will present the latest updates and advances in the close relationship that exists between robotics and packaging, currently.

Jose Antonio de la Rosa (ENOVIA Sales Iberia at DASSAULT SYSTÈMES) will share with attendees his presentation “How to optimize Innovation and Sustainability in packaging”, sharing methods and forms of action to be able to enhance and maximize the resources that Industry 4.0 can offer to the sector.

Tras un coffee break , the fourth presentation of the day will begin, by Denisa Gibovic (Director of BLUE ROOM INNOVATION) titled “Blockchain for Collaborative Networks: Connecting Supply Chain Actors with CircularTrust”. During their participation, attendees will have the opportunity to really learn about the possibilities of collaboration and the two-way advantages of it.

Joaquin Gomez (Business Development at ITA – Technological Institute of Aragon) will delve into the “Digital Twin of packaging materials transformation processes” as well as its impact on efficiency and the reduction of both time and costs that this technology entails.

To end the day, the round table “The impact of digitalization and Industry 4.0 on the packaging value chain: needs and practical applications” will take place. It will be made up of Pablo Mariñas (General Director of ECOPHIR), Felipe Vicente (Director of Direct Sales at TOSCA) and Sergio Calvo (IT Director at ENVALORA). During the conversation, the speakers will share their views, perspectives and knowledge regarding the current and future scenario of the relationship between Industry 4.0 and the packaging sector. In addition, they will reveal the real applications that can currently be implemented or that are in the process of being adopted in the near future.

The purpose of the day is for attendees to gather new perspectives and learn about the lines of action that are taking place within the packaging sector with regard to Industry 4.0.

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