Pandemonium, expression and explosion

April 24th 2024


TSMGO has carried out the branding and packaging of the Pandemonium wines.

Miller Family Wines Co. treasures some of the best plots of Paso robles, a wine-growing area that is gradually becoming more relevant. A region with a great legacy of stories about the pioneers, the first rebels who populated the territory, which seeks to claim itself as a territory of high quality wines.

Pandemonium was born with the intention of being a brand that embraces different artistic manifestations that transformed and represented a turning point. Its purpose should be to transform the quiet and promising area of ​​Paso Robles into one of the areas that leads the way in making new wines. With three initial varieties: Cabernet Sauvignon, Red Blend, ZinfandeEach one must show a way of interpreting art.

Through metaphor. TMGO has sought parallels between artistic expression and the emergence of this new wine region. They identified a style that marked a before and after in the way of conceiving art: expressionism, the epitome of the change of era and how art transforms the way of perceiving reality.

Pandemonium, as a brand, challenges the status quo, the rules are there to be broken or deformed, which is why it graphically mutates and is represented with forceful typography, full of personality and nuances. This emergence that Paso Robles is experiencing and that sends a message of innovation, spontaneity and transformation, just as some artistic manifestations such as expressionism represented at the time: led by Pollock, Twombly, Mondrian.

“We are graphically inspired by artistic madness, challenging creativity, a new universe to explore and discover.” A visual narrative that interprets nature and elements associated with wine to show them in another way.

With the collaboration of an artist of international stature such as Carlos Corres, “We reinterpret styles and build a new wine world with what each of the wines offers:

Pollock: Cabernet Sauvignon primitive passion, energy and strength.

twombly: Zinfandel the metamorphosis of writing.

Mondrian: Red blend the reinterpretation of reality.

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