Parcel Health offers pharmacies a sustainable packaging option with Tully Tube®

June 20th, 2024

Parcel Health

Parcel Health, a manufacturer of environmentally friendly medicine packaging, has presented its latest innovation for packaging prescription medicines in pharmacies. Tully Tube® Replaces the standard pill bottle with an ingenious design that minimizes plastic use. Research shows that only a very small percentage of plastic pill bottles are recycled. But by switching to the Tully Tube®, pharmacies can reduce plastic use by 53% and therefore reduce carbon emissions by 30%.

The basis of Tully Tube® is made of paper sustainably sourced and curbside recyclable, while the child-resistant neck and cap are made from recycled plastic. The key advancement of this design is that it allows end users to separate the cap from the paper tube using a patented joint equipped with a release tab. Users can then discard the lid and collect it with other recyclable plastics. The paper body can be recycled or composted.

Tully Tube™ is compatible with pharmacy automation units and offers high-volume pharmacies a new option to integrate sustainable packaging into their workflow. The Tully Tube® is child, water and humidity resistant. It is also compatible with labels currently used by pharmacies.

Parcel Health created Tully Tube® as a complement to its all-paper pill container, Phill Box®. Like Phill Box®, Tully Tube® is fully customizable and printable to align with drugstores' unique brands.

Photo and information: Parcel Health.

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