Parrot Bay (Diageo)

8, July, 2013

With the creation of Parrot Bay frozen cocktails

With the creation of Parrot Bay frozen cocktails, Diageo manages to innovate and surprise the consumer. To enjoy one of these cocktails, you have to freeze it for 8 hours, squeeze it before opening the container until it has a slush texture and serve it in a cocktail glass. The cocktails, with a graduation of 4,7º, are available in four varieties (red fruit daiquiri, citrus daiquiri, piña colada and mojito) and are presented in a single-dose container specially designed to contain the mixture and freeze it.
Additionally, Diageo is now launching an above the line (ATL) advertising campaign, which will run across digital media, outdoor advertising and television. Created by the London agency Iris Worldwide, the campaign will be carried out simultaneously in the eight European countries (Spain, Portugal, Belgium, Great Britain, Greece, Ireland, Italy and the Netherlands) in which the product has already been marketed since last month of May.


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