PEFC Spain and AVEBIOM consolidate their alliance

22th October 2014

PEFC Spain and the Spanish Association for the Energy Valorization of Biomass (AVEBIOM) yesterday signed a collaboration agreement whose objective is to establish a relationship framework on a national scale to promote the consumption of quality solid biofuels from certified sustainable forest management.

The agreement was signed by Ana Belén Noriega, Secretary General of PEFC Spain, and Francisco Javier Díaz, president of AVEBIOM, in the framework of the Expobiomasa 2014 Fair.
Both entities will work together to study a possible optimization of the certification process and improvement of effectiveness and costs for ENplus / CdC PEFC certified companies, as well as to improve the general knowledge of the advantages of using certified forest biomass. This alliance and its results may serve as a laboratory or pilot test for its possible international expansion.
After the signing, Ana Belén Noriega participated in the 9th International Bioenergy Conference, with the presentation entitled "Guarantee of sustainable origin of biomass". Noriega stated that "it is essential to ensure the sustainable supply of raw material and its traceability, being the PEFC certification a solution to this need".

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