PEFC promotes more responsible consumption on World Environment Day

June 4th, 2018

At World Environment Day, to be held on June 5, PEFC, the Spanish Association for Forest Sustainability, wants to join the objective of this year's slogan "No pollution by plastics", with which it wants to raise awareness about the need to consume less plastic. PEFC promotes the consumption of other natural, sustainable, recyclable and renewable materials such as products of forest origin: paper, wood and cork, among others. These products help curb climate change, store CO2 for years, and produce clean energy as an alternative to fossil fuels. In addition, they are present in the day to day, from paper bags, books, magazines, wooden or cardboard containers and packaging, furniture, even clothing can be made from fibers from the forests.

Therefore, it is important to consume forest products, with special attention to those that have a certification that guarantees the sustainable management of the forests from which they come, guaranteeing that they do not come from illegal logging. According to the latest global consumer survey conducted by PEFC, consumers show greater confidence in products that carry labels that certify environmental, sustainable and / or ethical aspects.

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