Pixartprinting maximizes the peculiarities of Plexiglas®

21th September 2015

The characteristics of Plexiglas®, a malleable, unbreakable, lightweight material with great resistance to shocks and a high coefficient of transparency, make it ideal for setting and decorating internal and external spaces. Pixartprinting proposes online a wide range of applications that stand out for their great versatility.
Pixartprinting guarantees manufacturing standards, both in the direct printing phase and in the finishing phase. Pixartprinting Plexiglas® sheets can be ordered directly online with a thickness of 3 to 5 mm and printed on a maximum surface area of ​​200 × 300 cm. To create effects, ranging from iridescent to translucent, you can choose between the transparent version, which makes it possible to highlight the colors by printing a layer of sectorized and covering white, or the version with an opaline background, perfect for the backlight. In addition, Pixartprinting uses flat milling machines and specific blades for profiling, bringing to life high-quality products. All with the possibility of customization.

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