PlasticsEurope participates in an ITENE course on food safety in packaging

July 1, 2015

PlasticsEurope, the European association of manufacturers of plastic raw materials, has participated in the training course on food safety in packaging organized by the ITENE Foundation in Madrid. Alicia Martín, Consumer Protection Senior Manager of PlasticsEurope, has attended as a representative of the association to analyze the safety of the use of plastics in packaging in contact with food.
Under the title "How to comply with the food packaging legislation and the good practices required by the Food Industry", this ITENE course has had the intervention of representatives of the industry, European associations, certification bodies and public administration technicians .
During her speech, Alicia Martín focused her speech on the safety of the use of plastic containers for food preservation. Martín recalled that the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) confirmed, at the beginning of the year, that exposure to bisphenol A (BPA) does not constitute any risk to the health of consumers. This EFSA conclusion is consistent with recent statements by the FDA (United States Food and Drug Administration) confirming the safety of BPA present in food contact materials.
Alicia Martín highlighted that “plastic containers strictly comply with the legislative requirements related to food safety established by the EU. For this reason, restrictions applied at national level that do not take into account harmonized European regulations are unjustified and should be withdrawn ”. Finally, he stated that "EFSA's conclusion about BPA must be respected as it has included all available scientific data and research carried out on this substance."
PlasticsEurope is actively involved in the debate on food safety and food packaging techniques and procedures.

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