Recirculating platform to measure the impact of waste recovery processes

22, November, 2021


The Biscayan start-up recirculate launches an innovative impact measurement platform to calculate the environmental and social benefits of waste recovery processes carried out by companies.

The calculation of the indicators of CO2 emission reduction (carbon footprint), the reduction of water consumption (Water footprint) and energy and the increase in life expectancy is carried out automatically from basic data provided by users. In the system, users can download reports with the result of these indicators to use them in their non-financial reports, the fulfillment of their environmental and circular economy objectives and their corporate social responsibility policies, among others.

In this phase, recirculate It aims to consolidate the circular processes that are being promoted in different industrial sectors and increase its value proposition for companies, given the high interest appreciated in the market by said impact measurement. After the development of its Impact Measurement Methodology, together with the Basque Ecodesign Hub, recircular has worked with companies such as Lezama Demoliciones in adapting its methodology to the specific cases of valuation of the company.

The operation of this new platform is very simple: companies register and indicate their interest in the impact measurement tool. Once the company's case has been analyzed and access is authorized, the calculations are made automatically from 3 basic data provided by users: category / subcategory of the resource, quantity and usual treatment.


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