Pop Up Exhibitions by Arjowiggins in collaboration with Antalis

February 4th 2015

From January to June 2015, Arjowiggins Creative Papers organizes 6 ephemeral exhibitions called Pop UP Exhibitions by Arjowiggins, in collaboration with the paper distributor Antalis, in 6 European cities: Paris, Barcelona, ​​Milan, London, Amsterdam & Berlin.

Every month, and for two days in each of these cities, the exhibition shows a wide selection of printed designs made around the world during the last 12 months, on creative Arjowiggins papers.
“For the last 5 years, Arjowiggins Creative Papers has organized an internal contest on real printed samples. For the first time in 2015, Arjowiggins has decided to share these printed designs with designers and printers in Europe. This is the main reason we have created Pop-UP exhibits. This is also, of course, the opportunity to meet the people who use our papers every day ”, explains Christophe Balaresque, Marketing Director of Arjowiggins Creative Papers.
The exhibition demonstrates the value of paper through more than a hundred designs printed and designed in more than 30 countries, for luxury brands, restaurants, small businesses, governments, designers, fashion brands and financial institutions, to name just a few. .
From brochures to brand identities, from invitations to greeting cards, from chests to paper bags, from books to notebooks, posters, these actual printed designs represent what can be done using papers from the Arjowiggins Creative Papers range. The events take place in 6 European capitals of design and creativity: Paris, Barcelona, ​​Milan, London, Amsterdam and Berlin.
In each city, Arjowiggins Creative Paper has chosen locations with a strong cultural identity, distinctive places where to create a dialogue with printers, graphic designers, end clients and design students: in Paris, the “Couvent des Récollets”; the Born Cultural Center in Barcelona; the old Galvanotecnica Bugatti industrial building in Milan; London's Boiler House; From Hallen in Amsterdam ...
The traveling exhibition will arrive in Barcelona on February 17 and 18, at the new El Born Cultural Center.

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