Potter & Moore Innovations Ltd has chosen Linx CJ400 and Laboratorie Wilson, Linx 4900

December 10th 2012

Potter & Moore Innovations Ltd, a long-established personal care company in the UK, is about to acquire two Linx CJ400 inkjet printers following successful trials on its production line. The company has been testing the Linx CJ400s printer to print codes on a number of plastic bottles of different sizes containing shampoo, body wash and talcum powder, using Linx T551 high speed black ink. The print head prints upward on the bottom of the bottles and encodes a single line of batch codes; the lines operate a maximum of 80 hours per week. Furthermore, Linx technology provides excellent code printing quality on a wide range of packaging types for French cosmetics manufacturer Laboratoire Wilson. They asked Linx for an encoder that was easy to use, easy to implement, reliable and with excellent results. The solution was the Linx 4900 inkjet printer.

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