Prad adorns the bottle of Oriana de Parfums de Marly

9, September, 2021

Prad Parfums de Marly

To beautify the bottle of Oriana, Parfums de Marly trusted in Prad, which had already contributed to the designs of previous releases: a matt aluminum lacquer for Layton, combined with a blue varnish for Layton Exclusive, thus responding to the challenge of double varnishing. The Carlisle bottle and that of the feminine Athalia are lacquered in satin black.

Lacquering modifies any type of surface due to its appearance (gloss, matte, satin), its many exclusive colors, its special effects (mother-of-pearl, iridescent, metallic) and it also provides unique tactile effects: smooth, smooth, grainy.

"Parfums de Marly is inspired by the century that celebrated the pinnacle of French elegance: the XNUMXth century, the kingdom of perfume."


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