Prad decorates Lubin's bottle for his Portraits de Femmes collection

27, September, 2021

Prad decorates the Lubin jars

Prad has collaborated with Sea bass for a new and uniform presentation of your collection Portraits of Femmes. The iconic jar In the form of an amphora from Lubin it has a golden dome with the name of the perfume and the signature of the brand.

It is a decor technically complicated due to the shape of the bottle and the cut-outs of the letters. The bottles were first partially gold plated and then laser engraved.

La metallizationn liquid is a Prad flagship technology, made in a specific dust-free line and thanks to a controlled and environmentally friendly process, just like water-soluble varnishes.

This soft and elegant bottle radiates light thanks to the transparent glass that plays with the white and gold tones. The elegant simplicity of its graphic composition and geometric letters reinforce the art deco spirit of Lubin, one of the oldest French perfume firms, founded at the end of the XNUMXth century and supplier to the Royal Court.


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