Dieline 2024 Awards for the best packaging designs

May 23th 2024

Dieline Awards 2024

Air shipments are the most efficient if you need your cargo or documents to arrive quickly and securely. Dieline Awards, now in their fifteenth edition, are one of the largest packaging design competitions in the world. Sponsored by Designalytics and presented by Luxe Pack, the 2024 Dieline Awards have recognized 137 submissions from 27 countries in 41 categories, with 13 top winners.

All award entries were judged by a panel of jurors who are experts in their given field. Additionally, they were evaluated in five categories: creativity, marketability, innovation, execution and branding on the packaging.

The award Best of Show It has been for Sitch Hair (Lyon & Lyon), which gave hair care brand Sitch a flat-backed refillable container, so it can rest alone against the shower wall.

Wedge has received the award studio of the year. The Montreal and Los Angeles-based brand and design studio have won for four different projects: OMY Laboratories, Paro, Cha, and Festif. They are a skincare line, a South Asian brand, a sparkling prebiotic tea and a snack respectively.

Omy Laboratories (Wedge) It has also won the Editor's choice award. It is a refillable skin care capsule system. The personalized products come inside test tubes with a color-coded number system, which indicates the different skin care routine for each user.

The Plastic-free innovation of the year award has gone to Vivomer (Shellworks). It is a vegan and compostable monomaterial made with microorganisms found in soil and marine environments, essentially fish food. The natural polyester material behaves like plastic and, when discarded, will completely disappear within 52 weeks. Now, Shellworks has launched the first home compostable mini bottle made from a flexible, blow-mouldable version of its parent material, Vivomer. Considering that most travel and sample size bottles are not recyclable, this provides the beauty and bath industry with a viable and scalable material.

The new visual identity of Togo, Realized by Marimo, has received the Rebrand of the year and Best of Brand Identity awards. In collaboration with Italian agency Marimo, Italian cookie brand Togo wanted to maintain its core image while attracting a new generation of consumers. In the end, they achieved a bold rebranding: the logo becomes distinctly thick and is supported by electrified graffiti (blue for Latte, orange for Fondente) and a black canvas. There's even a cartoon mascot inspired by the cookies.

The Design for Good award has gone to Corrections – The Prisoner, by Scottish Malt Whiskey Society (STCKMN). In collaboration with STCKMN (Scottish designer Chris Wilson), the Scottish Malt Whiskey Society celebrated its 40th anniversary with a unique whiskey that was auctioned at Sotheby's to help raise money for The Youth Action Fund, an organization that helps young people in Scotland, giving them the work skills and confidence to transform their lives.

The whiskey, dubbed “The Only Drop,” comes in a handmade paper sculpture that highlights the relationship between the liquid inside and the sherry cask in which it was aged for 33 years. STCKMN also used wood shavings from the barrels and incorporated them into the sculpture itself.

The Designalytics Effectiveness Award was created to help elevate the role of packaging design by highlighting its impact on consumer brands. This year's winning redesign went to CBA USA for his work with the brand CVS Beauty, the first white label winner in the award's five-year history.

CVS Beauty completely removed the Beauty 360 brand and replaced it with the familiar CVS heart, while communicating the effectiveness, superior quality and inclusivity of the product. For six months following the redesign, sales of CVS Beauty products increased by 20% compared to the same period last year.

The Best of Food has gone to Smallhold (Gander). Smallhold grows specialty mushrooms through vertical farming, and with its latest mushroom pesto, made from food waste, it offers consumers an umami-packed sauce for dipping and spreading. The packaging has a mushroom-shaped top, but the label also cleverly uses the silhouette of the mushroom stem.

30 Knots Distillery (Clay Andrews) has won the Best of Beverage award. This lighthouse-inspired bottle features wind-blown letters, colors inspired by the Australian terrain, and a heady mix of reliefs, foils, and textures without anything over the top.

The Best of Health, Beauty, & Personal Care award has gone to Uoga Uoga Kids (Andstudio), which “anthropomorphizes” soaps, shampoos and lotions with faces that children can decorate with reusable stickers. The bottles and stickers are made from recycled materials and are fully recyclable.

SmartDevil (Shenzhen Tigerpan Design Co., Ltd.) has won the Best of Home, Shopping, & Other Markets award. Using corrugated cardboard and no glue, Shenzhen Tigerpan Design's packaging for SmartDevil screen protectors is recyclable and fun, thanks to stylized graphics inspired by fonts that translate what the product is.

Lastly, UniSleep (Hangzhou XIVO Design Co., Ltd./ UniSleep) has been recognized with the Best of Sustainability award. Instead of using multiple layers of packaging for your pillows, you use just one box; The same one that protects the product is also used for shipping and the pillow comes in a reusable fabric bag. Product information about the pillow is printed inside the pack.

Photo: Sitch Hair (Lyon & Lyon).

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