Presentation of POS projects in Salesianos de Sarrià

19, June, 2017

A group of companies from graphic arts Specialist in the packaging y PLV met at the beginning of June at school Salesians of Sarriá, to assess the POS projects of the students of the Higher Degree training cycle Design and publishing of printed and multimedia publications.

These projects have been carried out with the Project Based Learning (PBL) methodology that is being implemented in the school within the educational innovation program. One of the important phases of the ABP procedure is the evaluation of the projects presented.

The teachers gave the students a challenge or problem adapted to the needs of the job: designing and building a POS element to promote a city or a district anywhere in the world that also functions as an exhibitor of a local product related to the chosen city. As a complementary element, the POS had to contain a screen to display a video. The materials that could be worked with were limited to paper supports and adhesive vinyls.

The act began with the welcome of the titular director José Abascal who highlighted the importance of the contribution and professional valuation of: Jordi Quera, president of the Graphispack Association; Pau Navarro, president ADIFA-PLV, Popai Spain, Miralles Cartonajes; José Luís Hernández, Zedis; Marc Xaudiera, Disme; Rafael González, Adaequo; Dani Muñoz, Logic-Design; Ferran Esturgó LOGIC-DESIGN; David Petit, ESKO; Amadeu Maurel, ESKO; David Santamaria, Lateral Branding; and Aleix Ravetllat, News Packaging.



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