First design contest for labels printed with Epson technology

August 7st, 2019

System Carrier, a company dedicated to the manufacture of Self-adhesive labels, has organized its first label design contest in collaboration with valira and the School of Art and Design of the Diputación de Tarragona. An event that has been possible thanks to the technology of Epson installed in the company, specifically the SurePress range of printers, with which all participating designs have been printed.
The contest consisted of designing the label of a lunch box for Valira. A real creativity that has been printed with the Epson SurePress digital press, with which the contestants have been able to experience and know first-hand all its advantages and benefits. Due to product application requirements (the labels have to withstand washing), the design was limited in shape (specific measures for the product to be labeled) and in material (matt polypropylene); the theme, on the other hand, was free.
The final number of designs presented was 52, of which four were finally awarded. One award was chosen by vote among the same students, another by vote among Valira workers, another by Porta Sistemas workers and, the last, was by consensus among the three entities.
The awarded designs correspond to the students Alba Méndez, Aleksandra Kurlan, Maria Julve and Olga Abella. In addition to the financial gratification of the prizes, the four proposals will be reproduced and marketed as a real product in the Valira lunch box line.

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