First Dictionary of Olfactory Marketing in Spain

May 30th 2016

Different collaborators of the expert company in olfactory marketing akewuele have participated in the development of the first Olfactory Marketing Dictionary from Spain. The publication is a pioneer in the sensory marketing segment and includes the 100 most relevant terms in this specialty.

The book offers a compilation and explanation of basic concepts, common expressions and technical terms and brings the discipline closer to marketing professionals and managers or directors who are considering new actions for their brand.

Brands are committed to creating experiences and appeal to consumer emotions with sensory marketing actions. The strategic use of corporate fragrances is a growing trend since an aroma is perceived by the olfactory tissues and transmitted to the brain, so that it directly affects behavior and is recorded in memory.


Prestigious brands bet on differentiating actions with aroma such as Massimo Dutti, Nestlé, Leroy Merlyn and even BMW. No matter what sector they belong to, the way to create unique experiences and be remembered is achieved by addressing the sensations of the individual through the five senses. The more coherent is the imaginary of a brand, the world it recreates through its colors, messages and even smells, the more sense it makes in the consumer's mind. This influences the image that your target audience will have of it. Massimo Dutti is an elegant, distinguished brand and this is transmitted in the aroma of its establishments. Leroy Merlin, on the other hand, has different fragrances in the apartments recreating the comfort of the rooms at home. The formula used by BMW, for example, denotes a sophisticated, serious and safe environment.

Akewuele will offer its dictionary to clients and internal collaborators and hopes to contribute to the dissemination of this specialty, through its own experience.

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