Roland DG's first 3D printer

8th September 2014

Roland DG Corporation, a manufacturer of large-format inkjet printers and 3D devices, launches the monoFab series, which includes the company's first 3D additive rapid prototyping kit, the ARM-10, and a new kit for creating prototyping and 3D subtractive manufacturing, the SRM-20 milling machine.

"The monoFab series benchtop manufacturing solutions represent the culmination of more than 25 years of 3D milling experience and the company's first foray into 3D printing," said Akio Kawai, CEO of Roland DG for the development of the 3D market. “By combining the capabilities of each device, users can select the best method for their workflow at every step of the process, from inspiration to production. With no limits on production methods, ideas can be expanded to the maximum of their potential possibilities while new possibilities for innovation can be reached. We hope that the tools in the monoFab series inspire those who want to create the future and explore all their creative capabilities.
The ARM-3 10D Printer allows you to quickly check a design in the initial prototyping stage or when modeling a complex shape. The ARM-10, which incorporates a stereolithography process with a UV-LED projection system, builds models by sequentially hardening layers of resin in a liquid resin tray. Simultaneous production of multiple objects can be carried out within the same work area so that modeling time is reduced compared to area-specific laser exposure methods.

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