Pujolasos wood & pack reinforces its positioning in luxury packaging with new production units

14th October 2015

Pujolasos wood & pack has carried out the unification of its production services, so that now it groups all the phases of the process. With this measure, the development of the idea, manufacturing, decoration, lacquering, varnishing and assembly in the recently released warehouse share location.
In this way, Pujolasos wood & pack ensures that each of the projects strictly complies with all the regulations and requirements of the luxury packaging sector, as well as the client's expectations, from the idea phase to the logistics.
The products of the Sant Pere de Torelló firm are subjected to strict quality tests that respond to European and international regulations, as well as to the own conformity processes, and thus ensure the longevity of each of the pieces produced. In addition, the new fully automated varnishing line has doubled its capacity, as it is located in the same center as the assembly line, it increases the pace of production, thus cutting delivery times.
Pujolasos wood & pack has the PEFC, ISO and FSC certifications, the latter last July.
Pujolasos is a specialist in the industrial manufacture of small-format wooden packaging for different markets such as perfumery and cosmetics or beverage packaging. Development, manufacturing, decoration, lacquering and assembly are the main parts that make up the Pujolasos plant, with more than 12.000 square meters of buildings.

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