Qosmedix expands its offering for hairdressing salons with Betty Dain and Colortrak ™ products

January 10, 2018

kosmedix is now an authorized distributor of the products Betty Dain and Colortrak™, enabling Qosmedix to offer these popular salon items to industry professionals.

The Betty Dain Collection includes the following variety of capes and aprons: Bleach Proof Multi-Purpose Cape, Black (Part # 599773), Whisper Style Cape, Black (Part # 599774), Luminous Stylist Apron, Black ( Part # 599772) and Stylist Convertible Apron, Black (Part # 599771). Qosmedix also carries the Betty Dain Collapsible Tray, Black (Part # 599775), for traveling salon stylists or makeup artists.

The Colortrak ™ collection encompasses a wide range of colorful products including wide and precision hair brush sets, mixing bowls, whisks, and more.

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