Quadpack acquires Louvrette

1th October 2019

quad pack, manufacturer and supplier of beauty packaging, has acquired Louvrette, a German industrial company of cosmetic packaging. This acquisition increases its capacity in injection molds, becoming one of the manufacturers of jars leaders in Europe. The transaction increases Quadpack's penetration in Germany, one of the five largest European markets.
“I am delighted with the agreement. Louvrette was ready to expand and Quadpack is very well positioned to take us to the next level, ”says Louvrette CEO and owner, fabian erlhoefer.
Louvrette is an established company in the skin care packaging market, specializing in injection molds in thick-walled jars. Its 8,500m2 manufacturing facilities are in addition to Quadpack's production plants in Spain, positioning the company as one of the ten cosmetic packaging suppliers leaders in Europe. Louvrette's state-of-the-art facilities bring 40 injection lines, a mold shop and new decorating services to Quadpack's offering, with additional room for significant future expansion.
Louvrette's sustainable products program is in line with Quadpack's activities in this area, being one of the many synergies between the two companies, as noted by Quadpack's CEO and co-founder, Tim eaves: “Louvrette and Quadpack are kindred spirits. Both organizations are people-centered and share similar values. Our strengths go hand in hand. Louvrette brings mold making, engineering and production expertise. We provide market-leading creative design along with a global infrastructure for sales, marketing, supply and logistics. It is the perfect convergence between German engineering and creativity born in Barcelona. "
The agreement allows Quadpack to better balance itself as a hybrid manufacturing and supply company, increasing the percentage of its own products to above 30% of its sales. More than 100 products will be added to its own product portfolio, Q-line.
The acquisition follows the recent agreement with German technology company Inotech. In doing so, Quadpack will benefit from the combination of Louvrette's manufacturing expertise, as well as Inotech's pioneering bi-injection molding technology and process knowledge, significantly boosting its design and manufacturing product offering. own.

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