Quadpack Group acquires Rinaplast and creates Quadpack Plastics, SA

April 26th 2016

Quadpack Group, manufacturer and international provider of packaging solutions, has acquired the injection molding company, Rinaplast, S.A.. This has changed its name to Quadpack Plastics, SA and will manufacture acrylic jars high-end customer base for the group's international beauty and cosmeceutical brands, as well as packaging filling companies. 

“Rinapast is a leading producer of high-end acrylic jars. Its acquisition allows us to have our own injection molding facility, while we, for our part, can provide the capital, market knowledge, technical know-how and sales infrastructure necessary to move to the next level - says Tim Eaves, CEO of Quadpack Group. This operation also contributes to meeting the corporate responsibility objectives of European production and boosting the local economy. " 


For Quadpack's Production Division - which includes the Technotraf decoration plant and lumber mill in Torelló - Quadpack Plastics represents a significant increase in the group's production capacity. The plant, located near Barcelona and covering an area of ​​3.000 m², has 15 injection molding machines and 15 decoration lines using standard and UV screen printing, hot stamping and automatic assembly.

Quadpack intends to invest half a million euros in the next year with a view to updating its health and safety systems and employee facilities, as well as expanding its annual production capacity to 40 million pieces per year.

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