Quadpack launches a recyclable stick for solid formulations

11, July, 2022

quad pack

The range of Quadpack packaging made with PCR (post-consumer recycled material) is expanded with multi-stick, a stick designed for solid formulas, perfect for a line of sustainable cosmetics. This entirely made of PP —a recyclable material—and is available with up to 42% PCR content.

In addition to its sustainable features, Multi Stick is a versatile product suitable for all cosmetic categories. It can be used to package sunscreens, deodorants, solid skin care products, makeup or perfumes and, due to its large diameter and versatility, it is indicated for formulas that must be spread over large areas of the face or body. Multi Stick, available in 30g and 50g versions, allows for easy and hygienic application.

The family of products with PCR content is also made up of: pet lipstick, a lipstick container made entirely from PET, a recyclable material, and is available with up to 100% PCR content; Simply Top Tottle, a recyclable container with up to 48% PCR content ideal for a wide range of skin care products and makeup formulas; Y Flat Head Round Tube, a recyclable cylindrical tube that can be made with up to 19% PCR content.


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