March 7th 2016

The new Danish beauty brand Nuori

The new Danish beauty brand nuori, which has the concept of "freshness" as basic, offers pure products, without preservatives or synthetic additives and effective. For the packaging of four key products in its range, some of the most advanced designs in quad pack.

Vital Body Balm and Vital Hand Cream come in Yonwoo Airless Containers. The 150ml bottle and 30ml tube protect the formulas from external contamination and oxidation. Yonwoo's Airless technology also allows preservatives to be avoided in the formula.

Supreme C Serum Treatment is packaged in the Quadpack Twin Mix. The active ingredient, vitamin C, is stored as a powder in the cap. To activate the formula, you have to press the push button on the cap to release the vitamin into the serum in the bottle. This is shaken and the liquid is applied with the dispenser, in this way the system maintains the freshness of each revitalizing dose until the moment of its application.

Vital Foaming Cleanser is presented in a Apollo foamer of 100ml. Apollo's state-of-the-art technology keeps metal parts out of contact with the product for maximum formula integrity.

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