Revation presents its sustainable packaging solutions

June 3th, 2024


Revation, a Korean company for ecological research and development solutions, presents its paper molds and new materials. Revation provides comprehensive developments from material planning, research and design, product structure and manufacturing to delivery.

The paper mold proposed by Revation meant changing plastic packaging for a 100% ecological material. It allows printing, making it suitable for the small batch production market, and is a material that reduces plastic use, carbon and facilitates recycling as it does not require plastic separation.

Two examples are a paper mold packaging for skin care products from Mochuisle Skincare and paper mold packaging for detergent and fabric softener Urban Laundrette. Both paper molds are made of sugar cane, bamboo and wood powder, which are biodegradable.

New Materials

Limex is a new limestone material that replaces plastic and paper. This new limestone material is used as an alternative for a wide range of products, from consumer goods to commercial materials. It can reduce greenhouse gas emissions by almost 90% compared to conventional petroleum-based plastics.

Revation is also introducing an injection-based material made from coffee grounds, the first in South Korea that is officially 100% bio-based and has been developed using coffee resin and injection molding. As a recycled material from recycled resources, it can be applied to various consumer goods industries.

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