Saverglass launches bubble glass

22, December, 2021

Saverglass launches bubble glass

To help differentiate brands from high-end spirits and wines for differentiation, Saverglass launches bubble glass.

Creating air bubbles in glass, a technique often associated with old glass, now involves intentionally creating bubbles to produce an artistic effect.

Saverglass has brought together its best glassmakers and R&D engineers to design a glass that combines the excellence of its crystal with the subtlety of perfectly controlled bubbles in the glass mass.

Although they are caused on purpose, either by controlling the melting temperature of the glass to produce the so-called "malfin" (imperfectly sophisticated) glass, or by using various processes depending on the desired effect, the result is usually the appearance of irregular bubbles. However, this method carries safety risks (such as robustness) and does not allow you to control the desired effect, which will be different each time. The new bubble glass process developed by Saverglass perfectly preserves the notions of authenticity associated with this type of glass, while ensuring a high level of robustness. Two objectives have been added to the initial specifications: aesthetics and modernity of the proposed solution. Thus, three levels of bubble intensity have been developed to suit high-end glass:


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