Scent Green®, the first fully recyclable 100% paper olfactory label

July 9, 2024

100% paper olfactory label

Sampling Innovations Europe presents Scent Green®, its most sustainable testing format. It is a fully customizable ecological solution, which allows brands to interact with their consumers, generating engagement thanks to a different and quality testing experience, while minimizing the environmental impact and reinforcing the brands' commitment to the environment.

It is a scented label made only of paper. A single-material and 100% recyclable label, produced entirely with FSC certified paper, as a guarantee that the wood comes from forests treated responsibly from an environmental and social point of view.

It is manufactured with Suzano Greenpack® paper, an ecological fragrance preserving paper, compostable and biodegradable. It degrades easily and in just 154 days, without leaving any harmful residue.

It offers exceptional olfactory performance which makes it the ideal testing format for fragrances and is fully customizable. Available in various formats, sizes and finishes to adapt perfectly to the identity of each brand.

This scented paper label is not only sustainable for its components, but also from a profitability point of view. Requires a minimum volume of product.

Sampling Innovations Europe is committed to eco-responsible developments and alliances with added value. As a result of this commitment, their agreement with Adhespack, manufacturer of Scent Green®, thus becoming the official distributor, exclusively in Spain and the United Kingdom, of this olfactory label.

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