The summit of mass consumption is celebrated in Madrid

29th October 2014

More than 1.000 businessmen and senior managers of the main companies in the mass consumer sector in our country will meet again at the AECOC 2014 Congress today and tomorrow (October 29 and 30), in Madrid. Under the slogan "Connect with the consumer", the Congress analyzes the importance of focusing strategies on the new buyer and, for two days, addresses the keys to growth and competitive improvement.

For this, the Meeting Point has Álex Cruz -CEO of Vueling-, François Nuyts -Country Manager of Amazon Spain-, Nicola Mendelsohn-Vice President EMEA of Facebook-, Illan Benhaim -co-founder, executive partner and director of innovation and strategy of Vente Privee- or Kjell A. Nordtröm, considered the new guru of the business world and co-author of the famous books "Funky Business: Talent Moves Capital" and "Karaoke Capitalism".
Also participating in the Congress: Alberto Rodríguez-Toquero, general director of Mahou-San Miguel; Enric Ezquerra, CEO and CEO of Condis Supermercats and Manuel Calvo, CEO of Grupo Calvo; Likewise, Pedro J. López, CEO and owner of Santa Rita Harinas and Celedonio Buendía, CEO of Procomel-Melones El Abuelo, will analyze the value of origin in the sector.
Finally, analysts such as Luis Garicano, from the London School of Economics, and Santiago Álvarez de Mon, from IESE, will address the keys to business success in an economic environment like the current one.

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