The Annual Prizes are awarded

14, March, 2022

Anuaria Awards

Twenty-five works have achieved the Golden Year Award, a recognition of excellence in graphic design in Spain.

The Anuaria Awards are an organization of Veredictas Internacional and have the support of the main graphic design organizations and the most prestigious specialized press in Spain.

The graphic design works recognized with the Anuaria de Oro Award are the following:

  1. Anuaria Award for the best press advertisement
    R – Entroido – ANUARIA DE ORO by quattro idcp for R in Galicia.
  2. Anuaria Award for the best commercial advertising campaign
    La Gran Fira de València 2021 – GOLDEN YEARBOOK by Meteorito Estudio for the Valencia City Council in Valencia.
  3. Anuaria Award for the best campaign of social interest
    Granada leaves pollution behind – ANUARIA DE ORO by Agencia Creativa Squembri for Granada City Hall in Granada.
  4. Annual Award for Best Poster
    Santander International Festival – ANUARIA DE ORO by Mutta studio for the Santander International Festival in Santander.
  5. Anuaria Award for the best Triptych, brochure, postcard, flyer, etc.
    Concentric Brochure 07 – GOLDEN YEARBOOK by Estudio Casao–Terrazas for Concentric in Logroño, International Festival of Architecture and Design.
  6. Annual Award for the best catalog
    Peronda Lucca – OR YEARBOOK by Narita Estudio.
  7. Anuaria Award for the best self-promotional work
    Narita Reel 2021 – GOLDEN YEARBOOK by Narita Estudio.
  8. -
  9. Anuaria Award for the best design of a periodical publication (magazine, newspaper)
    Hop – ANUARIA DE ORO by Mutta studio for Javier Gandarillas in Santander.
  10. Anuaria Award for the best design of an editorial publication and
  11. Anuaria Award for best book cover
    Lemon. Christian García Bello – Two GOLDEN YEARBOOK by Dardo for the DIDAC Foundation in Santiago de Compostela.
  12. Annual Award for the best memory or balance
    Digitization Report – GOLDEN YEARBOOK by Casau Study for the Development Institute of the Mur Region in the Region of Murcia.
  13. Annual Award for the best illustration Obvious – GOLDEN YEARBOOK by Bombaiworks for Eroski in National Territory
  14. Annual Award for the best infographic
    365 days. 2 words (2021) – GOLDEN YEARBOOK by Alberto Molina Arce for Celia D. in Pamplona.
  15. Annual Award for Best Typography
    Dispar – GOLDEN YEARBOOK by Narita Estudio.
  16. Anuaria Award for the best logo of a product or service (Awarded exactly to three works)
    Zaragoza Exhibitions – ANUARIA DE ORO by Detalier creative studio for Zaragoza City Council in Zaragoza. // Sambas – The bambas – GOLDEN YEARBOOK by Squembri Creative Agency for Sambas in Granada.// B.lux – GOLDEN YEARBOOK by Narita Estudio.
  17. Anuaria Award for the best naming of a product or service
    Woofit Naming and Branding – GOLDEN YEARBOOK by Lifting Group for Woofit in the EU.
  18. Anuaria Award for the best corporate identity program
    Fundació del Disseny de la Comunitat Valenciana – ANUARIA DE ORO by Meteorito Study for Fundació del Disseny CV in Comunidad Valenciana.
  19. Annual Award for the best packaging
    Anastasio – GOLDEN YEARBOOK by Hula Estudio for Eguren Ugarte.
  20. Annual Award for the best web store
    Raza Nostra – GOLDEN YEARBOOK by Cabello x Mure for Raza Nostra at a national level.
  21. Anuaria Award for the best digital asset (presence on Facebook, Twitter, etc.)
    EASD Dialogues 2021 – GOLDEN YEARBOOK by Adrián Doménech for EASD of Valencia.
  22. Annual Award for the best app
    Bilbao Basket App – GOLDEN YEARBOOK by Worköholics for Guuk in Bilbao.
  23. Anuaria Award for the best advertising campaign in digital media
    Discover your Bilbao Bizkaia side – GOLDEN YEARBOOK for Sirope for Visit Biscay.
  24. Anuaria-Pro Award for the best work or study project carried out by a final year design student
    Mind cbd – GOLDEN YEARBOOK by Marco Arroyo-Vázquez for LABASAD in Barcelona.
  25. Anuaria Award in the Miscellaneous: Everything not included in the other categories
    Equitum – GOLDEN YEARBOOK by Limón studio for Terracotta Museum in La Bisbal d'Empordà (Girona)


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