First HP Indigo WS6800 installed in Germark

29th September 2014

The HP Indigo WS6800 installed at Germark brings many benefits.

The first would be a higher color consistency. Thanks to its in-line spectrophotometer, the WS6800 guarantees color consistency throughout the run.
Likewise, the print quality is guaranteed due to the automatic alert agent, quality control "on the fly" throughout the print run, even with variable information, by means of artificial vision incorporated in the press.

The new machine allows more width labels to be printed (reaching 320mm, the WS6800 is HP's 6000 series press with the widest printing width), as well as unlimited availability of printing substrates.
Due to the ILP (In Line Primer), the necessary varnish is applied online to guarantee a correct anchoring of the inks on any material.
Finally, it is more sustainable (zero consumption of water and imaging oil and more efficient consumables), with magenta and yellow inks resistant to sunlight and, as a novelty, silver ink.

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