Sealed Air unveils the future of food packaging at Expo Milano 2015

May 11th 2015

Over the next six months, visitors to Expo Milano 2015 will have the opportunity to get a first-look at how Sealed Air's packaging solutions help meet growing demands for food safety, longer shelf life, sustainability and branding.

“We are pleased to be among the leading global companies responding to the challenge of Expo Milano 2015 - 'Feeding the planet, energy for life'”, says Luca Cerani, European Vice President of Marketing & Portfolio of Sealed Air Food Care.
Sealed Air is the packaging partner chosen to join Coop - leader in the Italian mass distribution market - at its stand where future trends for fresh protein packaging will be shown in the "Supermarket of the Future", present since 1 to October 31 in the framework of the Future Food District of the Milan Expo.
Sealed Air's packaging solutions for fresh proteins will offer Expo visitors a glimpse into the future of food packaging and sustainability. A part of the supermarket will highlight the solutions for the "2020 horizon", designed to meet the growing market demand for food safety, longer shelf life and brand creation, especially with regard to convenience. In the same area, another part will show the “2050 horizon”, where the different concepts will show how the Cryovac® packaging innovations mid-century will adapt to the changing demands of retailers and consumers in terms of sustainability and freshness.
Interactivity will be at the heart of the Future Food District. Expo Milano 2015 aims to be an attractive and stimulating space that explains how the latest technologies, know-how and current knowledge can contribute to the theme “Feeding the Planet, Energy for Life” and opening new frontiers throughout the food sector. Interactivity will also be present in the protein area represented by Sealed Air in the "Supermarket of the Future", through touch screens and tablets that will provide visitors the opportunity to learn more about the next generation of food packaging designs and materials.

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