Serpis, savor every moment

July 1, 2024


With the aim of creating a new identity, narrative and its translation to packaging, TSMGO | The show must go on delved into the brand Serpis, under which the company Candido Miro is a pioneer in industrializing the process of filling olives.

TSMGO managed, with the redesign of the Brand-block, to appropriate the brand's heritage and the imaginary it has to build, thanks to the recognition of its main assets: color, oval and shapes, a more present brand for the consumer. We worked on the elements that help the consumer's choice on the shelf to facilitate their decision and that the coding they carry out results in a greater perception of appetizingness, quality and flavor.

The photographic direction of the olives that make up the central still life, composed of 3 olives, acts as a powerful eye-catcher in each packaging and has been taken care of so that it appeals sensorially to the senses and makes them want to try them.

They also incorporated a pattern that accompanies different situations that contextualize moments of consumption in a way that enriches the consumer experience. They transferred to the lid of the cans that same motif that runs along the entire upper perimeter and makes it easier to find on the shelves. An innovation in the category that expands the perception of the brand in the competitive set of the shelf.

A clearer layout and hierarchy of information and with certain fun and more relaxed winks mean that the perception of the whole, in testing with the consumer, is interpreted as appetizing, fun, close and tastier.

The variety descriptors have been worked with a handwriting typography that fills the front pack of the product with dynamism and personality.

It has been analyzed from the evolution of the core range of olives (stuffed anchovy, pitted black, light...) to the new launches (pickles, allies...) so that all the ingredients that make up the visual universe accentuate and contribute to consolidating that perception. of: vitality, enjoyment and flavor.

From defining the basic assets of the brand: color and shape, they added fonts and a consistent structure. Despite the great visual leap between the previous version and this one. There is a memory factor that is activated by just intervention in every detail.

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