Silgan Dispensing launches the Pearl® 2 airless system

13, October, 2021

Silgan Dispensing

Silgan Dispensing presents Pearl® 2platforms, new generation airless system. Pearl 2 offers all the benefits of standard airless systems, such as oxidation protection of the formula, 360-degree dispensing, and a high evacuation rate, with materials designed to be recycled, a robust e-commerce design, and broader technical capabilities.

Silgan Dispensing invented LifeCycleTM technology, a patented plastic spring in Pearl 2 that allows removal of non-recyclable materials and metal, leading to the dispenser being made almost entirely of a single polyolefin. As a result, Pearl 2 has been certified by RecyClass for not having a negative impact on current European recycling based on third party laboratory tests using the Recyclability Assessment Protocol for HDPE containers.

Pearl 2 also passes the test protocols of E-commerce due to its robust design and overlap. The pump can withstand changes in air pressure, which means it will not leak during transportation.

The final component of the Pearl 2 development focused on improving performance, both technically and for the consumer.


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