Silgan Dispensing presents Melodie PirouetteTM

January 1, 2018

Silgan Dispensing Systems, a division of Silgan Holdings Inc, formerly the Home, Health and Beauty division of WestRock Company, introduced the new Melodie PirouetteTM spray, which enables brands to offer consumers the opportunity to contribute to sustainability in two ways. On the one hand, the vaporizer can be separated from the glass bottle, which makes it possible to recycle it. On the other hand, the new design also allows its reuse when filling it. The plastic element and fully automated assembly procedure make it an affordable option over traditional metal versions. In addition, the external metal element ensures that the luxurious look is maintained, in line with consumer preferences.

The company's latest research, focusing on how recyclable or refillable packaging for perfumes influences the purchase decision of the luxury consumer, allowed the development of Melodie PirouetteTM. The study aimed to assess the knowledge, interest and use of recyclable and refillable packaging for perfumes, as well as to determine if there is a gap between expectations and its availability.

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